Sabah Al Salem Qibla Direction

Easily find out the qibla direction for Sabah Al Salem (Kuwait) here. Easily find out the qibla direction and the qibla angle for Sabah Al Salem in online maps. You will experience the ease of finding the qibla direction from the satellite without schedule for Sabah Al Salem. Find your location on the online map. You will get your Qibla direction line instantly. You will also be given your qibla angle for the compass.


Qibla Angle: °

Qibla Angle for Compass: °

Kaaba Distance: km

Location: ,

Qibla Angle for Sabah Al Salem (Kuwait) is ° degree (according to the true north) Find the ° degree following a clockwise route beginning from the north. Thus, you can perform your prayers towards that direction. Remember that the qibla angle is measured according to the true north. Please remember to take the magnetic field into consideration while using this compass. You are also advised to consider the magnetic declination between Qibla angle for compass and for the true north. Yet, the qibla angle provided by us should be enough.